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Let's talk telehealth. 

Yes, this is the inevitable conversation about COVID-19.

But it is also in acknowledgement of the many public health concerns that face my clients every day - particularly when so many are immunocompromised, challenged financially or through sociocultural barriers, or struggling with their mental health and substance abuse. 

In a period of isolation and social distancing, feelings of anxiety, depression, and being disconnected can grow quickly. So often, technology and social media are markers of what separates us - they keep us looking down, reaching out without our hands ever leaving our pockets, and encourage us to stay on the go - or in contrast, to ourselves. 

As a therapist, I have often shared my concerns about the impacts of technology with my clients and colleagues - but after several years of working in telehealth, I have also come to believe that technology can break down barriers, accommodate those with additional needs, help people get past their anxieties, to open up and to listen in a brand new way. 

This should and will be an ongoing discussion; a forever conversation. We will assess and reassess how technology is and isn't working for us to make sure we stay connected in a healthy way. I hope to support my clients in asking all of these questions, and engaging in their own self-reflection. When used thoughtfully, technology keeps us connected when we might not be able to do so on our own. 

To read more about the benefits and challenges to using technology in counseling, please click here or use the drop down menu above. To request and appointment and discuss if teletherapy is right for you, please utilize the Contact Me tool on the home page or email

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