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Walk and Talk Therapy

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What is walk and talk therapy?

A simple name for a simple answer. Instead of meeting in an office, we meet outside and walk while we talk. Although sometimes we might sit, skip, pause, or look at a neat plant. 


Walk and talk therapy offers benefits that a traditional seated, verbal session does not:

  • Supports processing of emotions while remaining grounded and regulated

  • Helps organize thought process and physical responses

  • Offers a gentle way to get rid of any lingering stress in the body

  • Puts you in nature

  • Changing settings can change perspective!

The walking is slow to moderate, not a work out. Safety is a priority. Different locations offer different terrains, including smooth paved surfaces. However, all movement comes with potential risk and should be discussed with careful consideration. 

Where will we walk together?

Currently, walk-and-talk sessions are available:

  • Manayunk Tow Path / Schuylkill River Trail

  • Forbidden Drive

  • Wissahickon Yellow Trail

  • Select park(s) in NW Philadelphia

  • LIMITED availability in W. Fairmount Park / Belmont Plateau

What about weather?

We believe in adapting to the weather life hands us, and will hold sessions rain, shine, or snow to the level of each client's comfort. That said, extreme conditions such as heat, thunderstorms, significant accumulation, etc. are all reasons we will pause walk-and-talk sessions. In the case of poor weather or other personal barriers to walk and talk, sessions will be held remotely. 

What to bring?

You are not required to bring anything to your session. However, we do encourage the following:

  • Appropriate walking shoes

  • Comfortable clothing - layers are helpful in the cooler seasons.

  • Water

  • Sunscreen and/or bug repellant when seasonally appropriate

This sounds awesome! What do I need to do?

Not much! Walk-and-talk sessions are available to all existing clients, and new clients who have completed an initial session with their counselor and discussed the option. 

An additional informed consent / waiver will be required. Please speak directly to your counselor to choose a location and get started! 

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