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Benefits to TeleTherapy

Many people find that speaking over the phone encourages deeper listening and keeps them present and in-the-moment.


TeleTherapy offers increased access to those with ​​

  • physical or medical limitations​

  • transportation concerns

  • work, family, and other time constraints

  • severe mental health symptoms that limit ability to engage in more traditional therapy settings

Privacy and Comfort are enhanced by choosing your own space. 

Effectiveness - Research indicates that teletherapy can be just as effective as meeting in person. 

Barriers in TeleTherapy

Online or phone-based platforms aren't right for everyone.  Individuals who have difficulty with technology, attention, and/or vision and hearing may not experience the most effective therapy available to them. 

Other potential barriers include:

  • connection issues and quality

  • potential interruptions at home

  • other incoming calls

  • limited visual cues important to interventions or diagnosis

  • difficulty forming a relationship with your clinician

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