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Online and TeleCounseling

Consistent and meaningful contact between an individual and their therapist lays the foundation for growth in therapy. However, life often presents barriers that can make it difficult to make it in to an office. Because many of my clients are also managing ongoing physical health concerns, I understand the importance of having alternative ways of entering therapy.

Movement Therapy Arts offers online and phone-based therapy as an option to all potential clients, following an honest conversation about the advantages and potential barriers for each unique client. Please note, LPC and BC-DMT supervision is not available remotely, and is provided in-person.*

*(During state emergency orders regarding COVID-19, all supervision will be held remotely.) 

Available teletherapy options include: 

  • phone

  • video chat

  • video dance/movement therapy*

  • text-based chat through an online platform

Movement Therapy Arts follows the guidelines set forth by the APA, as well as the ACA and ADTA Codes of Ethics, state licensing requirements, and insurance requirements. All therapy platforms are secure and HIPPA compliant. 

To learn more about teletherapy, please utilize the drop down menu above, or click here. To access the online therapy platform, please click here.

*Dance/movement therapy slots are limited, and require advanced confirmation of availability. 

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