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At the heart of my work is a deep caring for lives and bodies in transition; centering people and their values within their own unique story.


Transitions can hold great meaning in our life, but they can also be overwhelming, painful, or jumbled with feelings of grief and loss. I integrate values work, mind/body approaches, and traditional talk therapy to support self-reflection, grounding, and resiliency. I believe in a person's self-wisdom, and aim to help people create their own processes for understanding, communication, and values-based decision making.


My work holds space for the experience of medical trauma; chronic, progressive, and advanced illness; chronic pain; end-of-life care, and grief/bereavement. I work with patients, caregivers, families, and friends who are impacted by illness, life-transitions, and loss. Transitions show up in many places in our daily lives, not just the “big” events. I also work with children and adults with ADHD, anxiety, depression, Gifted/2E, Autism, and relationship concerns to find creative, new approaches to authentic self-expression and addressing their needs as a whole person.


What might I take away from a session?

Each session is responsive to the person I am with. I will work collaboratively with you, with genuine empathy and curiosity about your experiences, to help find a style of counseling that works for your needs. I hope to offer opportunities for both learning, and self-reflection - I love to ask questions and hear someone's story. I offer a compassionate approach to healing that taps into the authentic self and individual strengths. As I get to know clients, I invite them to take a step outside of the pressure to speak, develop recognition of their body as part of their mental health, and find value in the person as a whole. Life is ever-changing! I work with each client to update goals and approaches as often as needed.

What therapy approaches and tools do you use?

I am a Board-Certified Dance/Movement Therapist, which is the use of the body, movement, and creative expression in psychotherapy to promote the mind-body integration for a sense of wholeness and wellness. I utilize an integration of verbal and body-based approaches, including ACT, CBT, motivational interviewing, narrative therapy, and mindfulness practices. I am also a trained grief counselor and values-based advance care planning specialist.


What is important to you in therapy?

Many people worry they are either "too much", or that their problems aren't big enough for therapy - I honor each person's experiences as meaningful, powerful, and valuable. I promise to always show up as myself, with transparency and curiosity, and I will hold space for the heavy and the mundane all the same. In particular in my work, I hold space for bodies in deep transition, dying, death, and grief. I am committed to research, advocacy, and education regarding values-based medical decision making, collaborative medical care, serious illness and end-of-life conversations, and the importance of ritual and community during grief.

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